16 Mar 2011

Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) at BFI British Film Institute

Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) will have a screening session at the British Film Institute (BFI) on 13th March 2011 from 13:00 to 17:00. This screening session will be the second part of our “Together as One” 2011 event which took place at London City Hall last 19th February 2011.

What is Together as One?
The event is a gathering initiative, not only to convoke youths but also migrants, from the so-called “hard to reach” communities living in the United Kingdom. The LAYF main objective is to create awareness of young people’s role in this society by providing spaces where young people are able to grow politically and use the arts as a tool to build community, integrate and act as one.
“Together as one” took place at Tate Modern in 2009, Rich Mix in 2010 and The London City Hall on 19th February 2011, this year we are also running a second part session at the BFI. The aim of “Together as one” at the BFI this year is to create awareness of issues that affect our communities here in the United Kingdom and back in our home countries; we aim to run a question and answer session after each Short- Film so each group and the audience can have a better understanding of each particular context in which pieces have taken place. Alongside with the work that LAYF has developed with audio visual artist David Caneva, he will be presenting "We are all foreigners" a Video Documentary Game Installation that was launched at the London City Hall.

Which organisations will be taking part?

Native Spirit Film Festival is a non-profit, charitable organisation, which promotes the knowledge and preservation of Indigenous Cultures and supports education in indigenous communities.Native Spirit Foundation was founded and is directed by the Mapuche artist and filmmaker Freddy Treuquil. He is a longstanding and prominent member of the indigenous Mapuche community in Patagonia. Native Spirit holds an annual Festival of Films, talks and performances celebrating indigenous culture, which takes place in London and Spain. During the year Native Spirit also organises events such as fundraisers, musical, art exhibition and film screenings, providing a platform to indigenous artists to showcase their work.

Refuge in Films are a group of young people, some of us are refugees and migrants from all over the world. We meet on a daily basis in Refugee Youth and New Generation, where we run and plan the Refuge in Film Festival since its beginning in 2007. To create the festival, we also make a selection of films that we want to show in the festival, create our own films and produce the event. Refugee in film provides a platform for catapulting our own ideas and views. The festival gives the opportunity for Refugees to re-educate the public in issues they think they know about but really don’t. It gives people the opportunity to look at refugee issues through a different lens.

Colombia Solidarity Campaign is an anti-imperialist organisation, campaigning for a socially just and sustainable peace in Colombia based on respect for the human rights and diversity of the Colombian people. The Campaign actively opposes PLAN COLOMBIA. The Campaign recognises the collusion between the Colombian government, the armed forces and the paramilitary death squads, and calls for an end to the impunity that this creates.

Movimientos runs regular events in London - live Latin music & cultural nights with documentary films, DJs. Currently a monthly showcase night at the Notting Hill Arts Club with the best alternative, cutting edge, traditional Latin and Global live music. As well as regular events at Passing Clouds (Dalston), Chamucos @ Green and Red, Camino (Kings X), Cargo & a 3 month residency at Rich Mix. Movimientos continue to join the dots between all the best up and coming Latin acts in London and some of the most exciting global music around whilst providing a firing club night with all the freshest Latin dance floor heat from cutting edge electronic to Salsa, urban flavours and tropical roots.

Single Homeless Project (SHP) provides innovative accommodation and support services for 3,000 of London’s most vulnerable people. The film-making club is part of a varied programme of activities SHP has designed to promote social inclusion and help people back into work, training and education. The club empowers workshop participants to become film directors themselves. Led by film makers Lesley Pinder and Annetta Laufer, the workshops are supported by a group of dedicated film professionals who volunteer their time to develop the confidence, knowledge and employability of the participants. Alongside a detailed study of film and genre, the workshops support participants to develop skills in camera work, storyboarding, editing, acting, sound, lighting and directing, before culminating in participants making their own film from beginning to end.

Who are we?
The Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) is a project run by Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization (IRMO) a refugee community organization and charity that was established in 1985 and has supported both refugees and migrant from Latin American backgrounds since then.
LAYF has been operating since January 2009 and it is a youth lead initiative of over 50 youths that supports their involvement in their communities, promotes a clear vision of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a multicultural society, helps them address issues concerning their cultural identity and pushes them away from existing negative stereotypical images. To achieve this, LAYF runs a set of educational and artistic activities facilitated by a project coordinator, artists and facilitators.

Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF)

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