20 Nov 2009

LUCKY 13 There is no gain without pain.

"Lucky 13" is the latest film from the Colombian director David Caneva Akle. It tackles one of the most serious and immediate issues for the City Mayor of London: cycling safely on London’s streets.
This film explores the human condition from its very simple course of action. It is currently showing on Shooting People (a U.K film network.), where it is an entrant for its "Film of the month” contest. It shows a sincere narrative about love and tragedy, and also how to rediscover life by using poetry as a tool for healing.
It is a film about the accidents that happen to ordinary people, a subject matter that isn’t portrayed in any pessimistic way, but with determination and hope that you should want to watch, comment and rate. Here is the link to the movie. http://shootingpeople.org/watch/film.php?film_id=80235

Filmed on location in London boroughs such as Southwark, Lambeth and Westminster (as well as in locations within Central London such as the Brixton and Portobello Market, Pimlico, the London Tube and Westminster University - icons of the diversity of London culture), it takes us through the journey of Johanna, a Colombian woman living in London who, with strength of character, recovered her life as a charismatic, glamorous leader and radio presenter after being struck by a truck four years ago when she had been cycling in Marble Arch.
This film is the final piece in a trilogy about women and immigrants, following on from the director’s two previous short films, "Immigrant of Expression", http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4wt7IrTJOo&feature=related, and "The Warrior", http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmKGFX-cjFY. This third film completes an ellipsis of research about immigrants, arts and women in the U.K.
These previous films were screened at the Refugee in Films Festival at the BFI (British Film Institute) during Refugee Week, and at other festivals, small screenings and cinemas around London. They have been well received, earning positive reviews. These films were based on the review of Laura Mulvey’s essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, in which she explains that an interpretation of “the feminine” is vital in shaping and maintaining the idea of a film in which female subjects are not subordinated to the dominant concept of the woman as a sexual object, diva or as the model of institutional representation.

Sponsored by the International Excelence Santander - Abbey Scholarship, and with the support of the Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation (IRMO), the Director has made special use of his wide ranging musical expertise in the creation of the soundtrack, composing part of it himself, and using original music by the brothers Pablo and Alvaro Gaviria, Colombian based music producers who master the tracks at Mono Studio in the capital city of this controversial country. Lucky 13 explores the concept of happiness with a dizzying Caribbean flavour in its musical mix of cumbia, jazz and folk music.

Reviewed and guided by the inspirational advice of Gideon Koppel, director of “Sleep Furiously”, the practical production approach of Claire Lewis, producer of “The End of the Line”, and “7, 13 and 49 up” for the BBC, and nurtured by the teachings of Victoria Mapplebeck, who made “Meet the Kilshaws”, the film was short-listed for the small screening of “Plug and Play” at the Raindance Film Festival. It is now in consideration for the Glasgow Film Festival, the Birds Eye View Film Festival and the Manchester International Short Film Festival amongst others in the U.K and Europe.

We want to leave you with a beautiful perspective of Colombians living in this country. Not the same useless rhetoric, but a poem to life.

KEEP IT REAL! Hope you will enjoy it. Here is the link: http://shootingpeople.org/watch/film.php?film_id=80235
David Caneva Akle
Audiovisual Artist
Virtual Research Room

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